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Digital Platform for Unmanned Aviation

U-Space concept

Germany is to become the lead market in unmanned aviation and play a key role in setting international safety, data protection, environmental and sustainability standards. The designation of U-Spaces will further consolidate Germany's role as a driver and driving force in unmanned aviation and give the sector a technological and economic boost. Integrating drones, a new mode of transport, into existing transport structures is an enormous challenge for the federal government and the federal states, and we are rising to it in order to further expand Germany's leading role in unmanned aviation. This can be achieved if we promote the safe integration of unmanned aviation into existing airspace structures and define the framework conditions for the establishment of U-Spaces in compliance with the regulations applicable to the operation of unmanned aerial vehicles. 

The following concept is intended to provide the basis for the establishment of U-Spaces in germany and was developed by the Unmanned Aviation Project Group (PG Unb LF) in the Federal Ministery for Digial and Transport (BMDV). This group includes experts with the participation of various federal ministries, federal states, authorities, federal companies and the Drone Advisory Board. It serves to define the responsibilities, necessary structures and the procedure for the designation of U-Spaces in accordance with the Implementing Regulation (DVO) (EU) 2021/664. 

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